Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Chiptune concert at The Elbo Room

I remember I missed last year's chiptune extravaganza and I definitely wasn't gonna miss this year's. . .Even though I was late, I raced from damn near an hour away and got there before everyone was finished. It wasn't the biggest crowd, but fuck it, the music was raw as hell and everyone there was cool. . .

Disasterpeace's stuff was colorful, with complex structure and rich melodies. Saskrotch just rocked hard as hell with some raw ass beats and dark chords. . .the last dude Kkrusty had some nice stuff too, plus he was hype as hell--dancing all around the stage and stuff.

Oh yeah, shout to Br1ght Pr1mate for bein such as good guy as well. Lydia gave me his CD for free which I offered to pay for, because I'm that kinda guy. He kept the room hype as well (do people still say hype? whatever). . .

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