Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Favorite Video Game Journalists - Part 1

I am a video game magazine reading addict. I read new ones, old ones--well, there is no such as in between ones I guess, eh?

Anyway, seeing that video game journalism was something I actually had a passion for, it's obvious that I would have favorite journalists that write, or have written, for publications, books, and websites throughout the years. I decided to focus on a few of them on this blog. . .

First up is Steven Kent.

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He's written a number of books detailing the history of the gaming industry and most of the content was jammed together in his early 2000's book, The Ultimate History of Video Games, that chronicled the industry's beginning to its ending--which was right around the time the Gamecube was released. . .

. . .okay, so the info is KINDA dated, but it's still a really good read. Especially the parts about Atari, Activision, and the early Famicom/NES days.

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He also has a website that has. . .content. I dunno. I didn't really look into it. But I'm sure the stuff is probably interesting.


When you find the secret to Sad Sam, let me know. Out.

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