Saturday, May 28, 2011

Favorite Game Journalists -- Part 2

This journalist, tired of the sterile and, basically, pandering style reporting of the late 80's and 90's sought to revamp what video game journalism was.

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Dan Hsu famously revamped Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) from its previous state and followed the more inquisitive and insightful reporting from publications such as Time, LIFE, etc. Gone were pages of fluff and pretty pictures. In their place in depth articles such as a look at the subsidiaries of SEGA's developing studios or face to face, no holds barred interviews with the infamous grilling of Peter Moore (which I also rhymed about on Sensational--"I'm that Dan Hsu to Peter Moore / the E3 award winnin' killer application you're facin'" #plug).

He now runs Bitmob,

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which was pretty interesting in its inception because it used to be a more personal blog that he and Crispin Boyer managed that gave LOTS of secrets of life while working in the 90's at EGM. But he still delivers that raw, honest reporting without any thought of swaying and he deserves a look as one of my favorite video game journalists. . .

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